7 Hunting Essentials Every Pro Hunter Needs

Crossbows have become an increasingly popular weapon of choice in recent years, being used by more and more hunters at every level. First used in ancient China, the timeless weapon is an effective and versatile hunting tool that can be used in a wide range of hunting situations, terrains and climates. From humble sporting hunters to seasoned professionals, the crossbow has become the go-to weapon, and it is easy to see why. In this article, we will run through some of the different types of crossbows that are most commonly used for pro hunting. If you are a pro hunter looking to dip your toe into the crossbow world, it can be tricky knowing where to start.

Here, we will have a look at six types of crossbows that are most commonly used by professional hunters and crossbow aficionados in the pro hunting world today.

These models include the Recurve Crossbow and the Compound Crossbow, the most commonly used pair of crossbow sub-types used by pro hunters. We will also examine some other types of crossbow that are somewhat less used but equally as effective and efficient in the field, including the Rifle Crossbow, the Repeating Crossbow, the Reverse Draw Crossbow and the Step-Through Riser Crossbow. If you are a crossbow hunter or a curious pro looking to learn more about this rewarding and effective hunting weapon, settle down and enjoy our Ultimate Hunting Pro Guide – Types of Crossbows.

Hunting License & Documentation

First thing’s first. Perhaps the most essential item that any professional hunter should make sure is the first they pack in their rucksack for a trip is their license.

To be a pro hunter, one must own a valid hunting license, which must be physically present and showable when questioned by any hunting or forestry authorities or game wardens.

By making sure that you have all of the correct paperwork, tags and documentation, including an up to date copy of a valid professional hunting license, you will avoid any legal troubles or being mistaken for a poacher.

Always make sure that your license and paperwork is safely stored, without the risk of water damage or being lost.

Owning a proper license and documentation will also mean that any kills you make will be 100% legal and above board, entitling payment.

It is essential to always read up on the rules and regulations of any country, county or area before beginning a hunt there.

Different counties and states have different rules regarding seasonal hunting, and it is crucial that you make sure your hunt is legal and will be tolerated by the authorities before getting started.

Water & Water Purification Tablets

It goes without saying that an essential survival tool for any outdoors hunting trip is water.

Yes, water. Whilst it might be easy to under-estimate the importance of the humble H2O when packing for a hunting trip, bringing plenty of water is in fact essential for your survival, and remembering to pack enough water to get you through a trip could end up saving your life.

Staying properly hydrated helps you to function better during strenuous exercise and keeps your senses alert, essential for any professional hunter.

Because our bodies lose water quickly when trekking and tracking prey over long stretches of thick terrain, topping up your body’s water supply and staying properly hydrated is quite simply essential for any hunter going on a pro expedition. There are plenty of lightweight water-sacks and rucksacks on the market that enable you to carry plenty of water without packing on unnecessary weight to your pack.

Similarly, if you don’t have the space or access to load up on fresh water, ensuring you always have a full stock of water purification tablets or purification powder will allow you drink from running water and potentially contaminated water in the wild without the worry of contracting disease.

This can come in really handy in emergencies, when you need hydration fast but you don’t have access to fresh water. Always make sure you have access to water to keep yourself hydrated when hunting.

Hunting Weaponry & Accessories

From rifles to crossbows to slingshots to hatchets and beyond, there are a whole range of high quality premium hunting weapons on the market.

The variety and diversity of hunting weaponry on offer today can suit any and every hunter, but it is important to make sure that a chosen weapon is suitable for each specific hunt.

Depending on a variety of factors, including the species of your prey, the scale of the hunt, the climate, the rules and regulations of your chosen hunting ground and more, you will have to choose your weapon carefully.

Pro hunting is all about results, and to get the best results you will have to use the best tool for the job. You might find that it is worth investing in accessories to enhance the efficiency of your weapon, whether that be a shooting bipod or monopod, a customized scope or otherwise.

Always read up on the rules and regulations surrounding legal weaponry before hunting. Make sure that your chosen weapon is suitable for the hunt, and always go with the weapon that will be the most effective for the task in hand.

Hunting Knife

The humble hunting knife is an essential tool for any pro hunter. If you are a pro hunter, or a hunter of any description, a hunting knife should be a crucial and permanent component of your hunting day pack.

Durable, versatile and reliable, the classic hunting knife is the outdoorsman’s best friend.

A good quality hunting knife can get you out of sticky situations and enable you to craft and survive in the wild more easily.

Although a hunting knife can prove a devastating close-combat weapon, for the most part it is used as a versatile tool for a variety of practical purposes, such as crafting and cutting, skinning, filleting and preparing meat when cooking outdoors.

First Aid Kit & Medical Supplies

The last thing anyone wants to do on their hunting trip is reach for the first aid kit.

Pro hunters are more experienced, and thus less likely to suffer any serious injuries whilst out hunting.

Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and no matter how vigilant or experienced you may be as a hunter, you are still vulnerable to injury and hazards when out in the wild.

This is why it is so important to always have a fully stocked first aid kit in your hunting pack.

Should you find yourself in a scrape when out hunting, a properly stocked first aid kit (containing medical essentials such as bandages and antiseptic) could prevent infection and even save your life. As well as plenty of medical supplies, it might come in handy to load up on a few snacks.

Sugary and protein-rich foods can go a long way in boosting energy, preventing fatigue and keeping your spirits high after sustaining an injury whilst out hunting.

GPS System & Compass

Being able to navigate unfamiliar terrain is a key trait of any pro hunter.

Tracking prey over dense terrain that you are not used to can be extremely difficult, and when moving across large hunting environments, the risk of becoming lost is something to worry about. To ensure safe navigation and ease of passage when hunting in particularly large or inaccessible grounds, it is essential to own a GPS System or Compass.

These can help you to get out of tricky and potentially dangerous situations, as well as allowing you more time to hunt by eliminating the potential hours spent trying to find your way back to the track should you get a little lost.

By always planning ahead and studying the terrain ahead of schedule (this could include looking at maps or asking other hunters about their experiences on the site), you can minimise the risk of having to rely on the GPS to save your skin.

Warm Hunting Clothing

Hunting is all about adapting to your environment and mastering the terrain.

A crucial part of this is being prepared for the elements, and packing suitable clothing to get you through the hunt without feeling the chill or getting any nasty surprises from Mother Nature.

When out hunting, you are exposed to the elements, and it is frighteningly easy to find yourself caught out.

By always ensuring that you have enough warm, waterproof clothes to see you through the potential worst that the climate and environment has to offer, you should stay safe, warm, dry and comfortable.

Enabling yourself to adapt to the weather will enhance the efficiency of your hunt and bring you better results. When packing clothing for a hunting trip, always try to choose hunting clothing that is waterproof, warm and lightweight.

Make sure that you pack a lightweight survival blanket, which could save your life and offer warmth when you need it most.

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Final Thoughts

These 7 hunting essentials are a great place to start for any pro hunter looking to get together a day pack for a hunt, or a travel pack for a large scale hunting expedition. No matter what the scale of the hunt may be, these 7 items of gear are essential and basic pieces of kit that may come in more than a little handy should you encounter any issues in the bush. Whilst the items on this list may seem very obvious to many seasoned pro hunters, (and it is indeed true that this list is a basic inventory of common-sense hunting essentials,) it is nevertheless true that these seven are arguably the most important items you can have in your pack. Any reputable hunter of any level is guaranteed to have these items in their hunting pack, and as a pro hunter, so should you.

As we have already gone into, one of the main features that makes a pro hunter ‘pro’ is their ability to adapt to environments and situations whilst overcoming the obstacles that Mother Nature may throw your way. Our list is mainly comprised of tools to shield you from the elements, and emphasises the importance of staying warm, hydrated, energised and ready for injury. As long as you are prepared for the worst and are hunting with a valid license and documentation, you should be able to enjoy the hunt without unnecessary worry about weather conditions and pesky game wardens getting in your way. As we have already advised, always read up on the hunting rules and regulations of any hunting ground before getting your hunt underway.

We hope that our list of the seven hunting essentials has been helpful to you, and that it will bring you a little extra luck out in the field. If you care about hunting as much as we do, you will understand the importance of preparation and planning ahead in order to stay safe and get the best out of your game in the field. By staying prepared and ready for the worst of the elements, you can ensure that your hunt is efficient and professional, and that you achieve the best possible results for your log book and pocket. Happy hunting!