27 Amazing Hunting Knife Designs You Haven’t Seen Before

#1: Dressing Ring

The safety features of these mighty little wonders are beyond amazing and will offer convenience and versatility to any hunting expedition. Whether you need to skin, dress, slit, or simply cut, you will have it all with this amazing design.

#2: Ram Horn King

This knife’s design is drool-worthy, but don’t let the beauty of it fool you. It is just as handy and usable as any other top-of-the-line hunting knife on the market. The ram horn handle offers comfort and a steady grip when participating in any outdoor activity.

#3: Dark Timber Hunting Knife

Knockout design, the beautiful use, and the craftsmanship seen here are breathtaking. With the beautiful dark timber handle, you know you will be able to grip and easily use this hunting knife in just about any situation.

#4: Flashy Two-Tone Folder

This one looks a bit more rugged and will act the part too! Great for carrying around as it conveniently folds up. It will also get any hunting job our outdoor chore or hobby done just the same. This isn’t just a beautiful knife; it’s also sure to last a lifetime.

#5: High Carbon Steel Blank Damascus

The simplicity of the design is what caught our eye, to begin with – but don’t let that put you off! The blade and knife together are designed for optimal and efficient cutting. Whether you’re doing chores or on the hunt, it doesn’t matter. The weight of this knife also won’t hold you down.

#6: Folding Gut Hook

The camo design might be dated, but we love the fact that this design is so compact and allows you to carry your trusted gutting knife with you safely and securely folded up. It also has an added rubber grip which will ensure that the knife won’t slip while you are busy gutting away.

#7: Textured Flipping Knife

This pretty design makes for great grip, plus you’ll get that added benefit of a fantastic blade, which is made of stainless steel and stonewashed. Sharpness and sleek design come together perfectly in this great hunting knife.

#8: 2-in-1 Golden Claw Folding Knife

This gut hook design reminds us of the old days. Its slim and sleek design makes for easy handling, while the golden insets on the Delrin handle give it a classy touch. Do your gutting in style with this amazing knife.

#9: Spring Assist Hunting Knife

One of the more functional designs on our list, you will love the simplicity of this folding knife as well as its different features, which include a bottle opener and a convenient spring assist that allows you to access the blade in a snap.

#10: Spring Assist Outdoor Knife

This knife’s design is so impressive, you’ll be tempted to hide it away as a keepsake, but don’t be fooled; it can still get the job done in a jiffy. The wooden and aluminum handle with perfect detailing is what caught our eye, but you will still be able to use it for full-on hunting and outdoors knife.

#11: Personalized Pocket Knife

The perfect gift for one of your best mates or hunting buddies, this folding pocketknife can be personalized with a stylish engraving. The design and material used still make it a great and a handy knife to have that will perform effectively.

#12: Wooden Pocket Knife

Here’s another pocketknife with a wooden handle that can be personalized by engraving. The simple yet stylish design and the perfect blade pack a punch! This knife will be able to carry out the general hunting, hiking, or camping chores.

#13: Blackout Folding Knife

The sleek and sultry design might be simplistic, but the quality of this hunting knife is still top-notch and includes loads of features. The stainless-steel blade ensures you will be able to use it time and again for years to come.

#14: Rambo Full Tang Blade

If you are as tough as nails and you want your hunting knife to show it, this manly Rambo knife is the choice for you. Both blade and handle are made from the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring a top-notch hunting knife.

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#15: Celtic Damascus Hunting Knife

Adorned with beautiful Celtic patterns featuring a handle made from walnut wood, you will be the envy of all your hunting buddies if you have this beauty. The blade is made from Damascus steel and features other intricate carvings on the blade and handle.

#16: Nude Processing Hunting Knife

Another simple knife, this one was designed in such a way that you get the processing job done in half the time. The product is forged from fire, so you will feel very close to your ancestors while skinning and processing meat with one of these.

#17: Survivor Outdoor Knife

This design is perfect for the serious hunters among us. The black stainless-steel blade is top quality to ensure you can cut through anything, while the handle’s design offers you a comfortable grip while getting the job done.

#18: Rosewood Boning Knife

The beautiful rosewood handle offers complete grip while you are busy boning your latest kill. The drop point shape of the blade ensures you can get the boning job done with ease. It’s a true gem when it comes to design and functionality.

#19: Vintage Design and Engraved Damascus

The knife is handmade, which means the design is original. You will be able to enjoy the intricate design if you should become a proud owner of one of these hunting knives. Materials used in the making include ram horn, Damascus blade, and brass bolsters.

#20: Simple Damascus Hunting Knife

Made from high carbon steel, this design is sure to impress and deliver the goods. It is lightweight and won’t hold you back while you operate in the thickest of hunting grounds.

#21: Plain Damascus Blade

Another simple design that won’t disappoint even in functionality. Materials used to make this gem include high carbon steel, making it not only pretty to look at but a pleasure to work with whether you are hunting or camping.

#22: Heavy Stainless-Steel Folding Knife

This beautiful and unique design is sure to turn heads and could be the perfect gift for one of your hunting buddies (or yourself!). This folding knife is made from heavy stainless-steel, the design does not lack anything when it comes to functionality.

#23: Damascus Hunting Knife

A blade that is made from premium Damascus steel and a handle made from beautiful brass, you will fall in love with this design. Even though it can be used as a decorative item in your study, it is fully functional, and you will be able to take it with you on your hunting trips.

#24: Coin Droppers

This design makes way for ultimate convenience. The blade securely locks into the circular coin hold and is still easy to use when needed for your hunting or camping outings. Perfect as a survival tool and to use for self-defense.

#25: Camel Bone Hunting Knife

Made from premium Damascus steel, the blade is fully functional and can pull its weight while you are hunting or camping. It also features a beautiful camel bone handle which makes handling and gripping easy and comfortable.

#26: Buffalo Bone Damascus Hunting Knife

This truly unique design will have you jumping up and down with excitement. This blade features knife craftsmanship at its best and consists of intricate engraved patterns, a buffalo bone handle, and a premium quality Damascus steel blade.

#27: Buffalo Horn Damascus Hunting Knife

More simplistic than the Buffalo Bone knife, this one is a bit longer and features intricate work and craftsmanship with pieces of buffalo horn in the handle. The Damascus steel blade will also serve its purpose. You will not be disappointed.