Types of Crossbow – The Ultimate Hunting Pro Guide

Crossbows have become an increasingly popular weapon of choice in recent years, being used by more and more hunters at every level. First used in ancient China, the timeless weapon is an effective and versatile hunting tool that can be used in a wide range of hunting situations, terrains and climates. From humble sporting hunters to seasoned professionals, the crossbow has become the go-to weapon, and it is easy to see why. In this article, we will run through some of the different types of crossbows that are most commonly used for pro hunting. If you are a pro hunter looking to dip your toe into the crossbow world, it can be tricky knowing where to start.

Here, we will have a look at six types of crossbows that are most commonly used by professional hunters and crossbow aficionados in the pro hunting world today.

These models include the Recurve Crossbow and the Compound Crossbow, the most commonly used pair of crossbow sub-types used by pro hunters. We will also examine some other types of crossbow that are somewhat less used but equally as effective and efficient in the field, including the Rifle Crossbow, the Repeating Crossbow, the Reverse Draw Crossbow and the Step-Through Riser Crossbow. If you are a crossbow hunter or a curious pro looking to learn more about this rewarding and effective hunting weapon, settle down and enjoy our Ultimate Hunting Pro Guide – Types of Crossbows.

The Recurve Crossbow

The Recurve Crossbow is without doubt one of the most commonly used types of crossbow in the hunting world. Recurve crossbows are perhaps most similar in design to traditional crossbows, relying on the pressure of the taught crossbow string rather than mechanical or electrical power to propel the arrow. Named after the curved bows which work to pressurise the crossbow string, Recurve Crossbows are charming and effective hunting weapons.

Despite being a purely old-school weapon, and the oldest variation of the modern crossbow, recurve crossbows do in fact come in all shapes, sizes, weights and materials.

The modern Recurve crossbows that are produced today are usually constructed from carbon fibre, magnesium or aluminium alloy, however it is not unusual to see modern recurve crossbows traditionally made from wood. Recurve crossbows are perhaps best suited to hunting large prey including game due to their precision, speed and considerable power, which can be devastatingly effective when used properly at both long, medium and close ranges.

Despite the modern advancements in crossbow technology, and the increasing output of lightweight recurve crossbow models, the recurve crossbow unfortunately retains somewhat of a reputation for being oversized, heavy and difficult to manoeuvre.

Whilst this may be the case for some models, there are certainly a wide range of recurve crossbows available on the market that shatters this shaky stereotype. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to see for yourself. Some great new recurve crossbows available online include the EK Archery Jaguar I, the EK Archery Blade Plus, the Anglo Arms Gecko, the EK Archery Accelerator and the Anglo Arms Jaguar MKII.

The Compound Crossbow

Along with classic recurve crossbows, another type of crossbow most commonly used by pro hunters is the compound crossbow. Compound Crossbows are more complex and refined than their preceding counterparts, and you could even describe the compound crossbow as the complicated, up to date little brother of the recurve.

The compound crossbow is highly energy efficient, lightweight and built with speed, quietness and ease of use in mind. Engineered using a pulley system, short draw length and devastating firing mechanism, compound crossbows offer superior accuracy, speed and firing power to recurve crossbows. Compound crossbows are used by the majority of pro hunters, and could be described as the next evolutionary step up from the classic recurve crossbow.

Compound crossbows are light, compact, easy to use and effortlessly accurate. In this respect, the compound crossbow is perfect for anyone new to crossbow hunting as well as seasoned crossbow pros looking for a sturdy yet refined weapon to take out on a hunt. Although compound crossbows may be a little more pricey, they are well worth the hike in cost.

It is still possible to find affordable, high quality compound crossbows on a budget that are still more than adequate for most professional hunting purposes. Crossbows are a versatile weapon, and this versatility is demonstrated perfectly in the sleek mobility of the compound crossbow. Popular new models include the EK Archery Guillotine, the EK Archery Blade Plus and the EK Archery Accelerator.

The Repeating Crossbow

Repeating crossbows are fun, simple and easy to use. This primitive crossbow type is the most simple of crossbows because it is possible to take a shot using just one movement. Repeating Crossbows are small, nifty and compact yet they pack a devastating punch, and are capable of firing multiple shots with considerable speed and impact. These crossbows are renowned for their speed, and although they may not be the most precise or customisable of weapons, they can certainly be used effectively as an affable, if limited pro hunting tool. Because the mechanical, singular thrusting motion of the repeating crossbow is difficult to adjust or recalibrate in the face of wind or bad weather, the weapon can be frustratingly stubborn in certain settings.

Whilst it is undoubtedly true that the repeating crossbow is an extremely limited weapon, it has its uses and can be employed with devastating effect at close quarters. Its ability to fire rapid and repetitive shots can be extremely useful when shooting at small prey on the move or perfecting your aim in disruptive climates.

There are a whole range of repeating crossbows on the market that are more than capable of fulfilling the needs of any pro hunter. If you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself.

Perhaps the most common and traditional variant of the repeating crossbow is the Chinese Repeating Crossbow, which remains unchanged.

The Rifle Crossbow

If it’s perfect accuracy and effortless control that you’re after, you can’t go wrong with the Rifle Crossbow. This modern variant of the crossbow is a hybrid of sorts, a mashup of the rifle and the traditional crossbow.
It is devastatingly effective as a long range hunting weapon, and is used by many hunters as an essential tool of the trade. Using the best of modern hunting technology, there are rifle crossbows on the market that rival some sniper rifles in terms of accuracy and range.

Rifle Crossbows can easily maintain accuracy from distances such as 250 feet. With impressively long sights and scope-enabled long range rifle crossbows available to purchase, pro hunters really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the diverse range of rifle crossbows on offer.

It is true that rifle crossbows tend to sit at the higher end of the crossbow price spectrum, however an investment in a high quality rifle crossbow will be worth it in the long run, as this weapon can only bring results to your game. The only downsides to the rifle crossbow lie in its complexity and power-hungriness. It is a comparatively expensive crossbow to maintain and accessorise, and it takes a longer time to re-cock and reload certain rifle crossbows than it does the more rudimentary recurve and compound crossbows.

Nevertheless, despite its modest shortcomings, the rifle crossbow is an essential weapon for any pro-hunter who enjoys long range shooting or makes their living from wide open hunts across broad terrain. Rifle crossbows are effective at both long and short ranges, and can be used in almost any pro hunting scenario. To start your new journey with the rifle crossbow, have a look at the range of crossbows available online today. Popular rifle crossbow models include the Man Kung XB21 Tactical Recurve Rifle, Maximal Marksman Rifle, EK Poe Lang Guillotine X, MK120 Skeleton Commando and the Barnett BCR Recurve Crossbow.

The Step-Through Riser Crossbow

Barnett’s range of Carbonlite Crossbows are enabled with exclusive Step-Through Riser Technology (STR) which allows exceptional mobility and lightweight power by using a specially engineered light carbon crossbow riser. Visit the Barnett site to view some of the exclusive carbonlite crossbows with step-through riser tech today. Popular STR models include the Whitetail Hunter, Ghost 420, Predator, Raptor Pro, Droptine, TS 390, Whitetail Pro and Ghost 375.

The Reverse Draw Crossbow

The Reverse Draw Crossbow is another modern variation of the crossbow that has gained tonnes of loyal followers in the pro hunting community. The only basic difference between classic crossbows and the reverse draw crossbow lies in its ‘upside down’ or ‘reversed’ limbs and configuration. The clue really is in the name.

Many hunters and crossbow aficionados swear that reverse draw crossbows enable more accurate shooting because the trigger is placed further forward, with more weight and emphasis on the shoulder of the weapon. Just some of the supposed benefits of using a reverse draw crossbow include the naturally lower draw weight, the faster arrow speeds it enables, the superior sense of balance it adds, the quietness with which it fires and its narrow, compact frame, which enables easy mobility, quick manoeuvring and ease of use on the move. One thing’s for sure, reverse draw crossbows sure are popular, with legions of dedicated pro crossbow hunters taking up the weapon as their crossbow of choice.

There are a whole range of reverse draw crossbows on the market to suit every budget and hunting capacity. Have a look today to see which reverse draw crossbow might be the best one for you. Some of the most popular reverse crossbow models available online today include the Storm RDX, the BC Raptor Reverse, the Vengeance Crossbow and VTEC Extreme.

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Final Thoughts

Easily adaptable to modern hunting, the crossbow has well and truly evolved from its medieval beginnings. With a wide variety of crossbow models available at more than competitive prices, the weapon has become a more accessible and affordable alternative to more pricey hunting weaponry that may seem out of reach for many hunters, whether domestic or pro.

We hope that our Ultimate Hunting Pro Guide to different Crossbow types has been useful, and that it might help you to decide which type of crossbow is best for you. As we have discovered, there are a whole range of crossbows out there, from recurve crossbows to compound crossbows to rifle crossbows and beyond. It is also important to note that, within each of these six types of crossbow, there are also countless sub-types and variants within these.

There really is a whole world of crossbows out there, from the elaborate, highly customised rifle crossbows to the humble, primitive repeater crossbows which hold such hidden speed and power. The pro hunting market could not be better suited to the craft of crossbow shooting and crossbow hunting, which is in itself so versatile, rewarding and timeless.

Always ensure and double-check that crossbow hunting is permitted in your chosen area before beginning a hunt. Crossbow hunting is generally well regarded, however there are some places where hunting with any type of crossbow is not permitted and you can get yourself into serious trouble. For this reason, always make sure that you are good to go before getting on the road with your crossbow, and that the local game wardens will be happy to see you and your hunting pack when you arrive.

As with any new weapon, always check and double-check that a crossbow suits your budget and hunting needs before making a purchase. There are a wide range of hunting crossbows available to buy online, and it is well worth taking your time before making the investment. If you decide that a crossbow really is suited to you as a pro hunter, make sure that you stick with a reliable brand and a crossbow model that you know you can trust. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that soon you’ll love crossbow hunting as much as we do. Good luck and happy shooting!